Soo today is my birthday soo i had planned an animation that i abandoned day's 2 ago i was really close to finishing the animation but then my flashcrashed and everything whent bye bye it was about little less then 1k frames and i don't have much free time if i have free time but i will animate when i can im just very busy (if u're wondering why. I am doing my driving license ) im sorry for any eng problems xD and i was too laszy to use .,  thees im writing this at workt. bye   bro's........,..,.,,,...,,

Little update

2017-10-02 08:55:30 by NOT-FlaskY

Hello!!!!!!!!!. There will a little B-day animation really soon, i hope i can compilte the by 19 october.

BTW this pic u can see will be on a collab so i see u soon. in 2018


dees nuds XD

2017-09-29 12:38:29 by NOT-FlaskY

such walking :D

News or something........ .-.

2017-09-25 08:45:37 by NOT-FlaskY

I am doing somthing but idk how that's gonna look. Sorry for being very lazy when naming layers (i don't know thats a good thing or not). And something very important im been very busy............ any way Happy madness day everyone :D   (plz leave comments so i dont feel alone:D)6080753_150634311741_bandicam2017-09-2515-37-31-391.jpg


2017-08-21 18:03:37 by NOT-FlaskY

I was dead

2017-04-23 17:47:24 by NOT-FlaskY

i was dead......... wait what ?????????????? yes i was dead...... i mean that i did not animate for one month and now i am back from my graveyard i guess soo i will be making new stuff soon (if any body cares of courese).

I heve some good new's :D and bad one's ;(.

The Good new's is i am getting a new PC where to ainmate :D

And the bad new's is that i can't animte for 1 months or even longer -_-
























Just kill me

Only Estonian :D

2017-03-08 11:44:34 by NOT-FlaskY

I am literally the olny estonian (Madness combat) animator :D i very proud of mah self XD

Sorry bad ENG...........


And also art is not going well soo yeah......... that's it Bye..........................

My very first ainmation whit background (very bad )

Halp ??? maybe?

2017-01-10 16:51:38 by NOT-FlaskY

It's just testing v-cam that dose not work the way i wanted if u can halp plz do


also i will try to make good ART but that will take some time cuz i have some problems in real life to worry a about